Patchwork Christmas tree softie tutorial


  • 36 x 2 inch squares
  • fabric scraps for the bottom of the softie
  • polyfill
  • a stone or weight
  • some ribbon
  • fusible interfacing
Make a square like the one below using Quick piece tiny squares tutorial.

The fusible interfacing will make the square quite stiff which is ideal for this softie.

Use a compass to draw your pattern on a piece of paper measuring around 11 in x 11 in wide. Place one leg on the corner of the paper and the other leg on the edge of the paper and draw a curve from corner to corner.

If you don’t have a compass in hand use a measure tape or a string. Pin the tape or string to the corner of the paper and use the other end to attach a pencil and draw.

Cut along the line drawn and pin pattern on the patchwork piece (see picture below).

Your patchwork piece will look like below. You can use the leftover patchwork to make a mini tree by following the method explained below and adjusting the size of the circle to match the leftover patchwork.

Fold the piece in half right side facing together making sure corners match, pin and stitch along the straight line.

Turn inside out.

Detail of tree showing the stiffness of the piece.

Place the tree on a piece of paper and make two marks on opposite sides. Then add 1/4 inch to each side.

Placing the leg of the compass half way between both marks, draw a circle. This is your pattern.

Use the pattern to cut the fabric and fusible interfacing for the softies bottom. You can use felt without the interfacing instead of fabric if you wish.

Iron interfacing to the fabric and pin the circle.

Filling the tree softie

Turn the tree inside out.

Pin the bottom circle piece to the tree.

Stitch leaving a 2 inch opening.

Turn inside out using the 2 inch opening.

Fill tree softie with polyfill.

Insert the weight.

Sew the 2 inch opening.

Stitch any embellishments such as bows, stitch little beads, add a felt star to the top.

See my other Christmas tree softie tutorial.

32 thoughts on “Patchwork Christmas tree softie tutorial”

  1. I love it, just came over from Pink Chalk to check it out and have been back to vote for you! This is on my list for next year – I might start making in January so it’s not quite so hectic as this year! thanks for sharing


  2. I know this is an older pattern , but I will be soon trying it
    maybe a tip for who doesn’t have a compass in hand, you can use a normal measuring tape, they usually have a hole on , close of number 1 , just pin it to the fabric them you can swing the tape making it a compass, just get the measurement that you need and mark it
    also useafull to make tree skirts for christmas


  3. Just in time! I was surfing the internet looking for easy and different ornaments to donate to our local Pride Package program. This is an ongoing project started several years ago by a woman who’s son was stationed Iraq. While he was getting great packages every month from his family, some guys never got anything. Thus Pride Packages was begun that sends care packages of trial size shampoo, body wash, kleenex, beef jerky, snacks, socks and hats and etc. each month. Monies are made during the year by rummage sales, soup suppers and donations. This year there will be about 200-250 packages going out. But Christmas decorations and such are also needed this month as well as Christmas Cards that the soldiers can send back home. I recently found some quilt blocks precut at a rummage sale and this would be great to make. They will pack great! Thanks for the idea.

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