Disappearing 9 patch variation block with charm squares

The quilt top.

Materials for 2 blocks

  • 10 x 5 inch charm squares
  • 8 x 5 inch squares cream coloured

Make a 2 x 9 patch block using 5 inch charm squares and a contrasting fabric for each.

Measure the centre square and then divide by 2. Use the result to cut the sides of each block as per picture below. Cut the strip from the centre to the outside. The resulting strip will be a bit wider than the stripe stitched to the centre square.

Now do the same with another block and swap the stripes you cut around as in the picture below.

Start by stitching the shorter sides together and then the longer sides. Trim the longer sides after stitching like in the picture and iron flat.

See a different nine patch quilt tutorial.

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11 thoughts on “Disappearing 9 patch variation block with charm squares

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  4. Can you give the amounts of fabric and size of blocks to cut for this because you can’t hardly find the charm packs anymore..

  5. Jeanene, your guess will be as good as mine. You can just cut your own charm squares and go from there. There are 42 5 inch squares in a pack.

  6. Points of feed back. 1. Please leave the orientation of the fabrics the same from image to image. 2. Why sew the top and bottom triplet together to the mid-section, if you are not cutting them at the same time? 3. If you are swapping out set, it would be a good thing to show each set. Sorry for this feedback. It took me several minutes to figure out what you were doing and I am still not sure. I like the idea, just not sure I could execute it.

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