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Video tutorial: tablet or iPad stand tutorial

iPad / tablet stand video tutorial - quick and easy tablet holder

This iPad stand, wedge or bean bag is very easy to make. They’re perfect as Christmas or birthday gifts.

This is a beginner sewing project.

Video: How to make an iPad stand or beanbag

Watch this 3 minute video tutorial and learn how easy it is to make a tablet holder:

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  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • decorative button
  • polyfill
  • rice, beans, a stone or some other weight for stability (optional)
  • cardboard base template (optional)
  • iPad cardboard base (pdf). The base can be adjusted to the final width of the tablet stand.

Make the tablet stand using the leg of a pair of jeans

This tablet stand is even easier to make as some of the sewing is already done! Just cut the pants below the knee, close the tube, fill it with some stuffing and you’re basically done!

Video tutorial: quick and easy tablet stand - iPad holder

From 5 strips to quilt block variation (Hidden wells) – video tutorial

Hidden wells quilt block - 2 minute quilt blocks

Learn to make this Hidden wells quilt block using 5 strips of fabric in 2 minutes:


  • 1 red 1 3/4 x 10 inch strip
  • 1 light green 2 1/2 inch x 10 inch strip
  • 1 yellow 3 1/2 x 10 inch strip
  • 1 light red 2 1/2 x 10 inch strip
  • 1 dark green 1 3/4 x 10 inch strip

Unfinished block size

12 3/4 inch square.

Arranging the block

After the tutorial you get 4 pieces, two of each:

Hidden well block - 2 minute video tutorial

Repeat the tutorial

To make these blocks you need to make the tutorial twice and get 8 pieces that you’ll arrange into these 2 blocks:

Hidden well block - 2 minute video tutorial

Hidden well block - 2 minute video tutorial

Video tutorial: Houndstooth quilt block

Video tutorial: Houndstooth quilt block

This pattern is a favourite of mine. There’re many ways to make it and this is one of them.

Learn to make a houndstooth quilt block in less than 2 minutes

See some examples of a Houndstooth blocks and quilts:

Video tutorial: houndstooth quilt block