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Video tutorial: tablet or iPad stand tutorial

iPad / tablet stand video tutorial - quick and easy tablet holder

This iPad stand, wedge or bean bag is very easy to make. They’re perfect as Christmas or birthday gifts.

This is a beginner sewing project.

Video: How to make an iPad stand or beanbag

Watch this 3 minute video tutorial and learn how easy it is to make a tablet holder:

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  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • decorative button
  • polyfill
  • rice, beans, a stone or some other weight for stability (optional)
  • cardboard base template (optional)
  • iPad cardboard base (pdf). The base can be adjusted to the final width of the tablet stand.

Make the tablet stand using the leg of a pair of jeans

This tablet stand is even easier to make as some of the sewing is already done! Just cut the pants below the knee, close the tube, fill it with some stuffing and you’re basically done!

Video tutorial: quick and easy tablet stand - iPad holder

iPad / tablet beanbag

This iPad stand can also be made in plain fabric.

Video: How to make an iPad stand

Or you can make it with the leg of a pair of jeans:


  • 12 charm squares  (5 inch charm squares)
  • 1 self covered button
  • a stone or something heavy for the inside
  • a piece of cardboard
  • polyfill

Print iPad beanbag cardboard base (optional) -it may need adjustments depending on how you like your ipad beanbag to sit.

Assemble the charm squares as in the photo to make a rectangle.

Fold in half, right side facing together, and pin.

Sew around 2 sides to make make a sac.

Place the sac as per photo with both points placed in the middle.

Pick up the bottom point and pin up with the point reaching the middle seam as per photo.

Sew a button in place as per photo below.

Start filling the beanbag using polyfill. Cut a piece of carboard 4 ½ x 4 ½. Place the cardboard inside at the base of the beanbag and the weight on top. Fill around it.

Fill in the beanbag and pin both sides together on the last charm square seam as per photo.

Stitch along the seam leaving a small opening 2 inches wide on one side to top up the filling before closing it completely.

Fold the left over piece into 4 folds.

Pin it.

Stitch both sides of the tube.

Fill the thin tube with polyfill and then sew the tube closed.

Sit the iPad or e-book reader on it.