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Stipple quilting

My first attempt at stippling. 2 cushions later my stippling technique has improved.

Cushion using scrap wonky log cabin blocks.

Check out the finished cushions.

Quilt-Along quilt

Quilt in progress.

Adapted from Oh Fransson Quilt-Along. My quilt is square with 5 x 5 blocks rather than 5 x 6.

I used Heather Bailey Freshcut range of fabrics. Check out Heather Bailey’s Freshcut Flickr group for other projects using the same fabrics and Quilt-Along Flickr group for quilts with other combination of fabrics.

Blocks closeup

Crazy nine patch quilt for single bed

Instructions on how to make this quilt.

Applique cushion

Based on a a pattern from a paper magazine.

Quilted laptop folder

Original design. I used the left overs from string quilting from one of my quilts.