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Video tutorial: optical illusion – 3D steps block

Video tutorial: 3D Blocks quilt

Following up from my large batch of half square triangles (HST) video, here’s how you can use the same technique to  create an optical illusion quickly and easily.

Just make a big batch of half square triangles and together with a bunch of squares you get this great looking piece of patchwork.

Learn how to make a 3D steps block:

If you like optical illusions, you’ll love the Tumbling blocks without Y seams video.

It’s so easy to make! Check this video out:

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Video tutorial: Zig Zag half square triangles quilt block – easy quilting

Video tutorial: quick and easy zig zag quilt block with half square triangles

I love thin lines in blocks in high contrasting colours.

In this case I’ve added a think line to a half square triangles (HSTs) and used colour to make a really beautiful HST patterns.

Learn how to make a zig zag half square triangle quilt block in 2 minutes

Lots of different quilt layouts are possible with this block. Check them out at the end of the video.

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Make 48 half square triangles at once! Step by step video tutorial

Make 48 half square triangles at once! Step by step video tutorial

Learn how to make 48 half square triangles (HST) at once

This is a very easy technique that produces 48 accurate HST. Learn in 3 minutes:

HST size

3 1/2 inch square.

With this technique you can easily make half square triangles in any size.


2 fabric rectangles 16 inch x 24 inch each in contrasting colours.

Quilt idea

To make this mini quilt you need 36 HST.

This shows you the potential of this patchwork technique.

Make 48 HST at once