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Cute Christmas craft with a needle

Cute and easy Christmas craft. All tutorials are free.

  1. Patchwork Christmas tree softie tutorial
  2. Christmas tree softie tutorial
  3. Cute Christmas bunting part II and  bunting appliqué part I
  4. Christmas embroidery mounted on canvas

7 Christmas wall hangings

These embroidery quilted wall hangings look great on walls and doors. All patterns are free.

  1. Little Forest wall hanging
  2. Mini Christmas quilt
  3. Peace wall hanging tutorial
  4. Christmas quilted Noel wall hanging
  5. Merry Christmas embroidery tutorial
  6. Elf quilted wall hanging
  7. Embroidered quilt tutorial: Part I and Part II

Eleven free Christmas sewing tutorials

Free quilt patterns and tutorials

  1. Oh Fransson Quilt-Along
  2. Coin quilt and back of coin quilt
  3. Wonky log cabin quilt
  4. Wonky log cabin quilt
  5. Wonky log cabin quilt
  6. Crazy nine patch
  7. “Doubly charming” charm pack quilt
  8. Christmas quilt
  9. Sampler quilt
  10. Doubly charming” charm pack quilt – back of quilt
  11. Disappearing nine patch variation quilt
  12. Turnover pack quilt
  13. Scraps quilt (back of turnover quilt number 12)
  14. Rubik cube quilt (back of disappearing nine patch number 11)
  15. Disappearing nine patch quilt
  16. Back of sampler quilt
  17. Back of disappearing nine patch quilt (number15)

Mini Christmas quilt

This is a Christmas mini quilt. The pattern is from a magazine.

Use the detailed embroidery to print and trace.

Star enlarged.

Angel enlarged.

Father Christmas enlarged.

Christmas Joy enlarged.

Add some tabs to make it into a wall hanging.