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My improv patchwork on the German quilt magazine Patchwork Professional

It was very exciting to receive this German quilt magazine, Patchwork Professional, on the mail today.

I don’t know if I have many subscribers who read German but if you’re interested, check out the magazine. It has an article about my work and a step-by-step improv patchwork project.

Free form, free motion patchwork trial

I’ve wanted to try and make a small quilt like this one for a long time.

The quilt is 13 ¼ x 12 ¼.

The quilt was made like a log cabin block.

I cut the strips of fabric with a pair of scissors. I didn’t measure anything, I just kept adding pieces of fabric until the strip was long enough to cover one whole side.

As the quilt grew, the sides started to get wavy.

To straighten a wavy strip, you need to place the side of the quilt on top of the new strip of fabric, pin it, and cut around the edge of the quilt on the fabric below (see picture).

You will end up with a wavy strip of fabric as per picture below.

To add the wavy strip to the side of the quilt, pin it in place matching the inside and outside waves really well. It can be tricky to start.

When you’re done with the quilt, square it.

To make the quilt top quite flat, I put some iron on interfacing. The interfacing removed some of the puckering (the puckering could have been avoided if I had used the wavy method described above more often than I did).

Quilt as you like. I dared to use something other than stipple quilting for this trial.

Close up.

Add some binding et voilà!