Video tutorial: disappearing shoofly block – variation 4

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Shoofly is a traditional quilt block.

Slice it and you get a Disappearing shoofly quilt block.

This is the fourth variation of this block. The block is quick and easy to make.

How to make variation 4 of a disappearing shoofly block

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  • four 4 1/2 inch squares in white
  • one 4 1/2 inch squares in brown
  • two 4 7/8 inch squares in brown
  • two 4 7/8 inch squares in white

Do you want to make a quilt with this block?

You can choose from 4 different quilt layouts, all made with the same pattern.

Quilt pattern: The four seasons of the heart - beginner quilt

About the pattern

Skill level: beginner.

Quilt sizes: crib, lap, twin and queen.

Finished block size: 11 ½”.

Quilt style: traditional piecing with quick cutting instructions.

Charm squares and fat quarter friendly.

You can use the colouring pages at the end to choose the colour scheme.

Quilting: I quilted this quilt using free-motion.

In the 14 page pattern I have included lots of diagrams and written quick cutting instructions as well as links to 1 of my video tutorials that demonstrate how to make the blocks.

Also in the pattern you will find colouring pages that you can use to decide on a colour scheme for the quilt.

Buy the pattern

Buy The four seasons of the heart quilt pattern on Craftsy

Buy The four seasons of the heart on Craftsy

Buy The four seasons of the heart quilt pattern on Etsy

Buy The four seasons of the heart on Etsy

Video tutorial: quick and easy paddle wheel quilt block

Video tutorial: Paddle wheel quilt block

With this video tutorial you will make 2 paddle wheel blocks in 2 different colours.

You only need 6 x 14″ x 2 1/2″ strips in contrasting fabrics to make two 8 1/2″ blocks.

This block is jelly roll friendly.

Learn to make a paddle wheel block in less than 2 minutes

Watch the video, it goes for less than 2 minutes, that’s how easy this block is. Enjoy!

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Video tutorial Tridimensional quilt block – easy quilting

Video tutorial: Tridimensional quilt block
This tutorial is for a paper piecing block. If you’ve never done any paper piecing, this is a perfect block to learn.

Learn how to make a triangle in a square quilt block in 2 minutes

Learn and see how many designs you can make with this block:

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Tridimensional quilt block


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