Free-motion stipple quilting: take 2

I had done a bit of free motion quilting a while back and then I quilted 2 17′ cushions last weekend.

I was a bit scared at first because it looked hard but I’ve changed my mind. It’s actually quite easy… after you get the hang of it.

I read somewhere you need to do about 100 hours before you are good at it. Now, I don’t think you need 100 hours but you probably need to do about a surface of about 45′ x 45′ to start developing a reasonable technique. At least that’s how much I stipple quilted before I became confident.

These Heather Bailey cushions will match my Quilt Along quilt. I think that my technique has improved since the last weekend’s cushions.

Cushion I
Detail from cushion I
Detail from cushion I
Cushion II
Detail from cushion II
Detail from cushion II
Detail from cushion II
Cushion III
Detail from cushion III
Detail from cushion III

Stipple quilting

My first attempt at stippling. 2 cushions later my stippling technique has improved.

Cushion using scrap wonky log cabin blocks.

Check out the finished cushions.

Quilt-Along quilt

Quilt in progress.

Adapted from Oh Fransson Quilt-Along. My quilt is square with 5 x 5 blocks rather than 5 x 6.

I used Heather Bailey Freshcut range of fabrics. Check out Heather Bailey’s Freshcut Flickr group for other projects using the same fabrics and Quilt-Along Flickr group for quilts with other combination of fabrics.

Blocks closeup

Third scrap lap wonky log cabin quilt

The back

Other scrap wonky log cabin quilts:

Take-along placemat


2 16′ x 10′ cotton fabric pieces
1 16′ x 10′ felt
1 4.5′ x 4.5′ cotton fabric for the pocket
18 ‘ matching ribbon

Fold edges of pocket and top stitch.

Stitch pocket to fabric around bottom and side edges. Then sew 3 small pockets from top to bottom for cutlery.

Place both cotton fabric right sides together and felt on top. Place ribbon folded in half in between the cotton fabrics.

Pin edges.

Stitch all around the fabrics leaving a 3′ opening on one side to turn placemat inside out.

Turn placemat inside out and iron well. Top stitch close to the edge.

Roll placemat before storing away.

Another combination of fabrics.


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