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1 video tutorial: 16 half square triangles (HST), 16 different blocks, 1 quilt sampler

Today I’m going to show you another way to make 8 half square triangles (HST) at once and I will show you some of the blocks you can make using this tutorial.

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HST quilt sampler block tutorials:

Block 1: 16 HST quilt sampler - beginner quilt

HST quilt sampler: Block 1

Block 2: 16 HST quilt sampler - beginner quilt

HST quilt sampler: Block 2

Some notes

Starting squares size: 7  inch square (2 squares for each block or more if several fabrics are used).

Block size: 10 1/2 inch square.

Block type: 16-patch block.

Trimming half square triangles: Essential. Remember to trim off your HSTs  and make sure that they are 3 inch square.

Fabric needs:  I will give you the fabric needs for each block. All blocks use four 7 inch squares in different colours and combinations. More details on each tutorial. This quilt is fat quarter friendly.

Colour scheme: For better results, use high contrasting fabrics.

If you want to join in, feel free to post pictures on my 16 HST quilt sampler Flickr group. Or post on Instagram with tag #16hstquiltsampler

Patchwork Christmas tree ornament tutorial

How to make a Patchwork Christmas tree ornament

Learn to make this Christmas ornament in 3 minutes:

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  • 36 x 2 inch squares of fabric
  • felt scraps for the star and the bottom of the cone
  • embroidery floss
  • stuffing or batting scraps
  • one sided fusible interfacing

Download Patchwork Christmas tree ornament pattern (pdf). Use the pattern to cut the cone shape, the star and the cone base.

Make trees in different colour schemes and in different sizes.

Patchwork Christmas tree tutorial - Christmas ornament

Stitch any embellishments such as bows, stitch little beads, add a felt star to the top.

Patchwork Christmas tree tutorial - Christmas ornament

Leaf block – Foundation paper piecing pattern

Leafy medallion quilt

Make Leafy medallion quilt using one single block

One simple block, many possibilities. You can play with colours and placement for this one.

Video tutorial

Watch a video tutorial showing foundation paper piecing:


Make the pattern 4 times to make one block. Each patter has 3 pieces. For one pattern cut:

  • Piece 1: 5 1/4 inch square of fabric
  • Piece 2 and 3:  4 inch square cut into 2 triangles of background fabric


The pattern has 2 identical pieces:

  • Download the  Leaf block (pdf) – make sure you print the pattern at 100%

The diagram below is one possible block you can make with this pattern.

Putting together this block takes a very short time and it’s a perfect block for a beginner in foundation paper piecing.

The video above explains in detail how to start, the placement of the first piece on the back of the pattern, when to trim off excess fabric, etc.

I made one block like the diagram using different colour fabrics.

I pinned and stitched the white triangles at the same time.

Press well and trim off along the pattern’s edge.

This is another possible block layout.

How to use this block

You can use this block in many ways. Depending on the choice of colours and placements the quilt designs can be very different.

Have a look at 11 different quilt layouts you can do with this pattern. Each quilt is about 36 inch square, a bit more for those with sashing.

Leafy medallion quilt – version 2

Leafy medallion quilt - version 2

Wheat spikes

Wheat spikes quilt

Double accordion

Double accordion quilt

Leafy medallion version 2

Medallion quilt version 3

Cross roads

Crossroads quilt

Crossroads variation

Crossroads version 2

Dashed lines

Leafy medallion

Dashed lines 2

Colourful medallion quilt

Colourful medallion quilt

Let me know if the video tutorial helped you learn foundation paper piecing.

Happy piecing!