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Based on crazy mom’s quilt-a-long.

Stipple quilted hot water bottle cover tutorial

Note: I’ve made these in two slightly different ways. Check also the second tutorial for a hot water bottle cozy.


2 coordinated fat quarters, one for the cover and 1 for the bias tape for the border.


The cover will have an opening at the back.

The cover is made of 3 pieces sewn together with a border.


Fold the fat quarter in 2 right sides together and place exactly half of the hot water bottle on top of the fold.

Draw around  half the bottle leaving 1 inch all around.

Cut the fabric to obtain a symmetrical piece.

To cut the 2 pieces for the back use the front piece as a model but cut across 2/3 of the way on the long side and  and add 1 1/2 inch to the small piece that goes on the bottom part.

Stipple quilting

Make a quilt sandwich with some muslin at the back and proceed to stipple quilt the 3 pieces.

When finished, cut off the batting edges.


Buy ready made bias or make your own. For double folded bias, strips should be 2 inch wide.

Sew bias to the edges of the opening at the back.


Put the 3 pieces wrong side together. The long back piece should be placed over the short piece.

Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Once the 3 pieces are sewn together, sew the bias all around the edges.

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Finished stipple quilted cushions

Finally I’ve finished the Heather Bailey cushions.

For the quilting I used free-motion stipple quilting.

I followed Put a Zipper in Your Pillow Tutorial to add a zipper to the back of the cushions.

I found it was useful watching a video showing the stipple quilting technique. I didn’t use gloves but for larger pieces I can see the value in using gloves with rubber tips.

Free motion log cabin quilted cushions

Stipple quilting I.
Stipple quilting II.

End result!

Finished cushions
Reverse with matching buttons

Free-motion stipple quilting: take 2

I had done a bit of free motion quilting a while back and then I quilted 2 17′ cushions last weekend.

I was a bit scared at first because it looked hard but I’ve changed my mind. It’s actually quite easy… after you get the hang of it.

I read somewhere you need to do about 100 hours before you are good at it. Now, I don’t think you need 100 hours but you probably need to do about a surface of about 45′ x 45′ to start developing a reasonable technique. At least that’s how much I stipple quilted before I became confident.

These Heather Bailey cushions will match my Quilt Along quilt. I think that my technique has improved since the last weekend’s cushions.

Cushion I
Detail from cushion I
Detail from cushion I
Cushion II
Detail from cushion II
Detail from cushion II
Detail from cushion II
Cushion III
Detail from cushion III
Detail from cushion III