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Video tutorial: Kaleidoscope quilt – quick and easy quilting

Video tutorial: quick and easy kaleidoscope quilt

I’ve meant to make a kaleidoscope quilt for years and this is it.

It’s such an easy and quick quilt to make.

The only thing you need is a fabric with a large print and 6 print repeats. Each block is a hexagon and uses 6 triangles.

If you want to make it bigger, then get enough fabric for 12 print repeats.

How to make a kaleidoscope quilt

Learn in just 4 minutes:

I used just over 2 yards of fabric and got lots of blocks.

If you don’t have a 60 degree ruler

Not to worry, here is how to cut 60 degree triangles without special rulers:

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Video tutorial: Hunter’s star quilt block – quick and easy quilting

Video tutorial: Hunter's star quilt block - use Christmas colours to make a Christmas quilt

This block is made out of 2 squares of fabric. Yes, just 2 squares of fabric in contrasting fabrics.

How to make a quick and easy Hunter’s star quilt block

Learn how to make a Hunter’s start quilt block in  just over 2 minutes:

Materials for one Hunter’s star quilt block

  • Two 9 inch squares in contrasting fabrics

With this technique you’ll end up with lots of bias seams. To handle bias seams more easily you can starch your fabric before cutting it.

Block size

The finished block is 10 1/2 inches square.

Visual process

Video tutorial: Hunter's star quilt block

Video tutorial: polka dot smocking

Video tutorial: polka dot smocking

How to make polka dot diamond smocking

This is a very easy fabric manipulation that uses the fabric print as a grid.

This fabric manipulation can be used on a block, on a bag, or on clothing.

Sew how I used this fabric manipulation on a textured quilt.

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