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2 minute video tutorial: Scrappy tube quilting with strips

2 minute video tutorial: scrap tube quilting

This is a very easy and fun block to make. This block is perfect for layer cakes.

Learn to make crazy a scrappy tube quilt block

Learn tube quilting in 2 minutes:


  • Assorted fabric strips
  • 3 1/2″ fabric strips

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2-minute video tutorial: Ribbon quilt – quick and easy block

2-minute video tutorial: Ribbon quilt block

This is a quick and easy quilt block made out of lots of square triangles (HST).

The quickest way to make this block is to make a large batch of HSTs. You can learn on this tutorial how to do that too.

How to make a Ribbon quilt block

Learn to make a ribbon quilt block in 2 minutes:

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Video tutorial: optical illusion – 3D steps block

Video tutorial: 3D Blocks quilt

Following up from my large batch of half square triangles (HST) video, here’s how you can use the same technique to  create an optical illusion quickly and easily.

Just make a big batch of half square triangles and together with a bunch of squares you get this great looking piece of patchwork.

Learn how to make a 3D steps block:

If you like optical illusions, you’ll love the Tumbling blocks without Y seams video.

It’s so easy to make! Check this video out:

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