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English Paper Piecing: megahexagon of hexies or improv EPP

This is my new English paper piecing project that I started without any planning – a lot of my quilts and projects start this way -, as something to do while I watched TV and just seeing it grow, and watching where it took me.

For this I printed a few sheets of 1 inch hexagons (pdf), the same size as my Scrappy flower quilt, still in progress.

This is a beginner’s project.

Below is the sequence so far.

At this stage I’m thinking I’m going to do a star shape with the points in a lighter colour and the background in a dark pink, purple or brown.

Video tutorial: foundation paper piecing for beginners: whirlwind block

Last week I posted a video on foundation piecing for beginners using solid fabrics.

I wasn’t totally satisfied with it so this week I’ve gone for an even easier block.

The whirlwind block is 9 1/2 inch square, including seam allowances. To make this block you need to make the pattern  4 times, but it’s such an easy pattern than it hardly takes any time.

Video tutorial

Watch a video tutorial showing how to make this block using foundation paper piecing:


This block contains 3 pieces. For one block cut:

  • Piece 1: 3 1/4 inch x 7 1/2 inch fabric
  • Piece 2 and 3: 6 1/2 inch x 4 inch rectangle cut in the diagonal to make two triangles


For each block print 4 patterns:


Block placement

Below there are two possible layouts you can try with this block for two different looks:

Layout 1


Layout 2 with inverted colours


Let me know if the video tutorial helped you learn foundation paper piecing.

Happy piecing!

Denim purse tutorial


Notes: all seam allowances are 1/4 inches.  Add the seam allowance to the pattern line.

This pattern is made for a 4 inch wide frame. If your frame is wider or narrower, just place frame on top of the pattern and draw proportionally around the lines, inside or outside, adjusting for the width of frame.

Cut all your pieces,as per instructions on the pattern, adding 1/4 in seam allowance.

Sew 9 or 10 hexies and stitch in groups. Learn how to sew hexies.

Pin each hexie group to each denim side.

Stitch to the denim with a hidden stitch.

To remove paper hexagon turn over the denim piece, make a few cuts, trim excess denim fabric and remove paper.


To make the lining, pin pieces together, in twos, and stitch along the line.

The lining is now ready.

Now stitch the exterior in the same way, alternating denim and pattern fabric.

The exterior is done.

Now with the lining inside out and the exterior inside out, place the exterior inside the lining.

Stitch along the top edge leaving a 2 inch opening to turn purse inside out.

Turning purse inside out through the opening.


Now it’s time to stitch the purse to the frame, or glue it.

The hardest part is to stop it from moving. I used pins but you could thread and large stitches that go from the lining to the exterior and wrapping around the frame.

Then just stitch the frame to the purse using stranded cotton or some strong thread.

I addes a self covered button to cover the point where all the pieces meet which was a bit untidy.

It is a cutte frame and it is a good size too. It could be a make a small make up bag.