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Hardest blocks – Farmer’s wife quilt sampler

The most difficult thing about Farmer’s wife sampler is the number of blocks rather than block complexity. Most blocks are quite straight forward to cut and assemble. Having said that, there’s one block that stood up for me and that was Homemaker. For some reason I just couldn’t make this block work.


I must say that I’m not the most experienced quilter in the world and up until this project I had only made a handful of easy quilts.

This block gave me such a hard time that it deserves the first place and almost only place.

I had to press this block into submission. I made it twice. I even considered not using the block at all.

Somehow the sewing instructions didn’t help much.

The second time I changed the way I put all the pieces together and the result was better but far from right.

Still I had to add an extra bit of fabric to it and press the block really hard.

All the other blocks were more or less fine to assemble. The only difficulty was having enough patience to sit through cutting the many pieces and then stitching them together.

Here the rest of the hardest blocks for me. Which blocks did you find the hardest to make?

Four Winds

Very time consuming block. I think the choice of fabric wasn’t the best. It lacks contrast. With a better choice of fabrics this could have been one of my favourite blocks.

Spider legs

This one took forever! Perhaps it felt longer because I was almost done with all blocks and it was the last hurdle so to speak.

Star Gardener

Nice easy block but too time consuming.

Shooting star

I had to add a small strip to one side of this block. Somehow I’m not able to sew triangles with funny angles.

Country Path

Garden Path

One of my favourites too.

More information about how I am making this quilt.



Easiest blocks – Farmer’s wife sampler quilt

I’m not done with FWQS yet!

There were simple blocks and there were beautiful and simple blocks.  My selection includes not only the easiest blocks -there are many more than those- but blocks that are both easy and beautiful.

Which blocks did you find easy and beautiful?

Waste Not

Also one of my top 10.

Churn Dash

This is a very common block. I actually published a tutorial for an improv patchwork quilt using this block in a different variations.

I think that what makes this block striking is the choice of fabrics.


Mother’s Dream

Friendship Block

Old Windmill

Calico Puzzle

More information about how I am making this quilt.



Top 10 favourites – Farmer’s wife quilt sampler

What are my favourite blocks? This is a difficult choice because I like many of the blocks in this quilt.

I like them for various reasons such as the block design, the fabrics I used or the colour scheme. Which ones are your favourite blocks? Here is my selection:

Peaceful Hours


Waste Not

Attic Windows

Garden Path

Noon & Light

Flower Basket

Flower Pot



More information about how I am making this quilt.