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Video tutorial: Disappearing 4-patch block

4 patch quilt block tutorial

How to make a disappearing 4-patch block

Block size

8 1/2 inch square.


Four 5 inch squares in contrasting fabrics. You can use either 3 colours or 2 colours depending on the effect you wish to achieve.

Quilt designs using this block

With sashing

Without sashing

Video tutorial: Disappearing 4-patch block

Video tutorial: Disappearing 4-patch block

Block using only 2 colours

Video tutorial: Disappearing 4-patch block

Quick and easy “Doubly striped Half Square Triangle block” (Hidden wells)

Easy block tutorial - from fabric strips to quilt block

This block can appear to be a bit complex at first sight but it’s quite simple to do. All you need is 4 strips of fabric the same size sewn together. Use high contrasting fabrics for better results. My choice of fabric makes this block a bit hypnotic, don’t you think?

How to make the Doubly striped Half Square Triangle / Hidden wells block

Learn how to make this block in just over one minute:

Make the tutorial twice and make a different block altogether! Learn how:

Some ideas for extending this block

This block can be made into a scrappy quilt by using your fabric scraps or jelly rolls. I do find however than this block works a lot better, and I mean A LOT, if you plan your fabrics and colours.


For instance, use fabric that are high contrast and alternate them:

  • acqua and black,
  • red and white,
  • red and black,

actually any light colour and black or white would work well.

Use only 2 fabrics, one print and one white or black.

Try with solids. Black and white would look great.

Use complimentary colours or interesting colour combinations. Checks, strips, polka dots, types of fabrics work great.

Work with tone on tone fabrics or with few colours.

Do blocks in 2 different colour schemes that work together and combine the pieces.

Strip width and number

You can play with the width of the strips. To keep it symmetric you need to make sure that your outside strips are the same width and the inside strips are the same width as well.

You can use more than 4 strips too as long as they are even numbers and you keep the width symmetric as well.

Note: Since I made this block I’ve been told repeatedly that this technique was developed by the 3 dudes however I have come across earlier examples of this type of block going back to 1989 and Mary Ellen Hopkins and her quilt Hidden wells. Go to google and look up Hidden wells and you’ll see so many quilts using this technique. They’re spectacular.

As you can see the possibilities for this block are quite incredible. The quilt layouts are also varied.

Quilt layout with sashing

Layout 1

Quilt with sashingQuilt design - Easy block tutorial - from fabric strips to quilt block

Layout 2

Quilt with sashing in black. Other colours can be used to match your choice of fabric for the block.

Quilt design - Easy block tutorial - from fabric strips to quilt block

Quilt layout without sashing

Quilt design - Easy block tutorial - from fabric strips to quilt block

Alternative placement of blocksQuilt design - Easy block tutorial - from fabric strips to quilt block

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Visual process

From strips to quilt block - half square triangles block