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Cracker quilt block video tutorial

Cracker quilt block video tutorial

Cracker block is a classic. It’s also easy to make.

With just this simple block you can make many different quilt designs.

Also try with different colour combinations: dark background like on the video, white background, solids front and back, scrappy. Lots of possibilities.

Learn to make a cracker quilt block in less than 2 minutes:

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2-minute video tutorial – Disappearing 4-patch quilt block variation

2 minute video tutorial: Disappearing 4-patch block variation - quick and easy quilting

A few years ago I made a disappearing 9-patch variation quilt and then I thought would the same principle work on a 4-patch quilt block? And yes, it did!

Here’s how you make a disappearing 4-patch quilt block variation.

Do you want to see more disappearing 4 patch blocks?

Have a look at these videos:

Disappearing 4-patch quilt block

Disappearing 4-patch variation quilt block

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Video tutorial: 2 different disappearing 4-patch quilt blocks

Video tutorial: 2 different disappering 4-patch quilt blocks to try

4-patch is a very easy quilt block. You can take a 4-patch block further by slicing it.

Here are two ways to slice a 4-patch block.

Both disappearing 4-patch blocks are quick and easy to make, just perfect for a beginner’s quilt.

To use both blocks together in a quilt you’ll need to trim them down to the same size.

How to make 2 different disappearing 4-patch blocks

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