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Video tutorial: 2 broken dishes quilt blocks

Video tutorial: 2 broken dishes quilt blocks - quick and easy quilting

Broken dishes is a classic block.

The tutorial is for 2 types of broken dishes. One of them goes further and can be turned on to more variations of a 4 patch block.

Watch how to make 2 broken dishes quilt blocks

It’s amazing how many layouts are possible. It’s just a matter of trying out different arrangements.

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Video tutorial – Mitered quilt corners – easy quilting

Learn to sew mitered quilt corners in one and a half minutes

The video shows binding with a flange and it’s sewn by machine. If interested here’re the tutorial:

Book: Patchwork Embroidery

Book cover

I have been so busy I forgot to share the news!

The latest Aimee Ray’s book Patchwork Embroidery was released in November.

I contributed 3 projects to the book. The projects were designed by me, Aimee provided the art work and I made the items. All the projects have a patchwork component as well as embroidery.

Have a look at my projects. Which one do you like best?

A lunch box

Lunch box

A tic-tac-toe board

This one is my favourite and the easiest to make of the 3.

Tic tac toe board

Australian animals baby book

Baby book

The book is beautiful, as all Aimee’s books are. I totally recommend it – disclaimer: I’m not making any money out of this book because I made the projects on commission.