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Quilt along free-motion quilt completed

Adapted from Oh Fransson Quilt-Along. My quilt is square with 5 x 5 rows of blocks rather than 5 x 6 rows.

Finished with stipple quilting.



With matching cushions

I used Heather Bailey Freshcut range of fabrics.

Finished stipple quilted cushions

Finally I’ve finished the Heather Bailey cushions.

For the quilting I used free-motion stipple quilting.

I followed Put a Zipper in Your Pillow Tutorial to add a zipper to the back of the cushions.

I found it was useful watching a video showing the stipple quilting technique. I didn’t use gloves but for larger pieces I can see the value in using gloves with rubber tips.

Spring chicken softie

My daughter and I made this spring chicken. Based on a Sew, Mama, Sew pattern using Heather Bailey’s Freshcut range of fabrics.

Free motion log cabin quilted cushions

Stipple quilting I.
Stipple quilting II.

End result!

Finished cushions
Reverse with matching buttons

Free-motion stipple quilting: take 2

I had done a bit of free motion quilting a while back and then I quilted 2 17′ cushions last weekend.

I was a bit scared at first because it looked hard but I’ve changed my mind. It’s actually quite easy… after you get the hang of it.

I read somewhere you need to do about 100 hours before you are good at it. Now, I don’t think you need 100 hours but you probably need to do about a surface of about 45′ x 45′ to start developing a reasonable technique. At least that’s how much I stipple quilted before I became confident.

These Heather Bailey cushions will match my Quilt Along quilt. I think that my technique has improved since the last weekend’s cushions.

Cushion I
Detail from cushion I
Detail from cushion I
Cushion II
Detail from cushion II
Detail from cushion II
Detail from cushion II
Cushion III
Detail from cushion III
Detail from cushion III