Heart quilt block - Mysteries Down Under quilt

Block 7 – Hearts quilt block – Mysteries Down Under quilt

This is the seventh block in the Mysteries Down Under quilt.

The video demonstrates how to make this block using a foundation paper piecing technique with freezer paper.

The beauty of this technique is that you can reuse your template many times and there’s no sewing on the paper.

But don’t worry if you can’t use this technique for whatever reason because traditional foundation paper templates and traditional templates are also provided for download below.

Note: For the Mysteries Down Under quilt you need to make this block 4 times.

How to make a heart block

Download templates

The pdf contains one foundation paper piecing template and a set of traditional templates.

For the Mysteries Down Under quilt make 4 units using either method.

If using freezer paper, trace the foundation paper template onto freezer paper once and reuse.

Coordinated fabrics

Boysenberry and strawberry colours.

Mysteries Down Under quilt - heart block

Sharing photos of your blocks

It’d be great if you shared photos of your blocks and final quilt with the rest of us.

Share your photos on Instagram with #mysteriesdownunderquilt and tag me @teresadownunder

Share them on my Facebook group Sewn Up.

Or send the photos to me for posting. You can use the e-mail in my Instagram profile.

Heart quilt block - Mysteries Down Under quilt

New book out on December 3

“Turnabout Patchwork. Simple quilts with a twist” is all about playing with blocks – making a block, slicing it up, and turning or repositioning the pieces to make a completely different block (sometimes two smaller blocks) to yield endless quilt tops.

You can preorder on Amazon.

Or preorder on Bookdepository and get it delivered for free.

Preorder Turaabout patchwork by Teresa Mairal Barreu - TeresaDownUnder

Stay tuned for more!

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9 thoughts on “Block 7 – Hearts quilt block – Mysteries Down Under quilt”

  1. I love your regular YouTube tutorials, but I’m confused by this quilt being called a “mystery”. In the US, a mystery quilt is one in which one sews units like four patches or half square triangles or kites together and doesn’t see until the very end what the overall design – or even what the block design will be. I’d have called this project a “sampler quilt sew-along”, since one knows each step of the way what block is being made.

    Just so you know about the linguistic differences in the quilting world.

    Keep up the good work.

    Peggy Cleary San Francisco 415-307-6254

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the explanation. I used the term wrong then. It should be a quilt along with a reveal at the end then. 😔 The idea was to make a sampler but to keep the layout of the quilt secret until all blocks are done. Does that qualify as a quilt along?


  3. I guess it’s a kind of hybrid then? Or a sampler with a surprise layout ending? That doesn’t fit nicely in a headline though does it? Maybe it’s a sampler or mystery Teresa Style or Aussie style. Whatever it is, plenty of folks are enjoying it and that’s what’s important. I see some are even sharing it on to other groups! Hooray!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Good to hear people are enjoying it and it’s being shared around. I can’t wait to see the finished quilts 😊


  5. I love you technique .I have been watching your tutorials .So easy to follow and learn something at the same time . Amazing work simple but elegant I’ve seen a lot of different things and I think yours are the best .

    Liked by 1 person

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