iPad stand tutorial

This iPad stand, wedge or bean bag is functional as well as decorative. When I made my first iPad bean bag I realised that the item is quite large and therefore very visible in any room. Therefore this time I wanted to add some touches that make the stand not only functional but also a pretty item to look at.


  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • fabric scraps for the flower
  • self covered button
  • polyfill
  • a stone or weight
  • cardboard
  • iPad stand cardboard base pattern (pdf). The top should be 3 3/4 in wide  and the bottom part 7 3/4 in. The height is 5 3/4 in. If your printer gives you a different size you can adjust it easily before you cut the pattern.
Cut 1  18 1/2 x 12 rectangle and 3 4 inch squares

Making the flower

Cut 1 long rectangle 2 1/2 x 8 1/2 and 3 4 inch squares.

Fold the squares in half twice and iron each time.

Cut around the raw edge corner of each folded square as per picture.

Gather the pieces of fabric using a rather long stitch so that the bulk of the gathering is reduced and the hole in the middle is smaller than the the button that will cover it.

Attach button to the centre.

Bean bag
Fold the large rectangle in half right sizes facing together and pin. Note: make the fold on the 18 inch side.
Note: the photo below does not show the correct size. I had to trim the rectangle after I sewed  it into a bag

Sew around 2 sides leaving one of the narrow sides open. Trim the corners as per photo.

Turn bag inside out and open the bag placing the seam touching the table (see picture).

Make sure the seam is in the middle and flatten the bag as per  picture.

Find the middle point and mark using a pin (see picture).

Fold the bottom corner up as per picture. This is where the flower will be stitched.

Hold the bag up with the pin in place ready for the flower to be attached.

Stitch the flower to the pinned location.

Filling the iPad stand

Using the template (pdf), cut the cardboard pattern and place inside the bottom of the bag.

Then place a stone or something heavy on top of the cardboard. This weight will add stability to the stand.

Fill it with polyfill. Use as much filling as you like. My stand has enough fill to take the weight of the iPad but it’s not hard.

Once there’s enough fill, pin the tube together starting from the edge of the cardboard.

Stitch around the edge of the cardboard.

Making the wedge

Fold the fabric in half as per picture.

Pin along the edge.

Stitch very close to the edge.

Leave a small opening and fill the small tube. You can fill the tube a bit more firmly than the bean bag.

When done stitch the opening by hand.

Et voila!

The stand from behind.

Closeup of the flower.

My other iPad bean bag tutorial.

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148 thoughts on “iPad stand tutorial”

  1. That is amazing! Cannot wait to make one for myself and several for gifts for
    friends that didn’t even know they needed one!

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make one of these since seeing them on Pinterest, thanks so much for the tutorial, Ferb, I know what we’re doing today!

  3. I dont understand the measurements of the large rectangle…. according to the pic they are not the 18 1/2 x 12 that were listed in the cutting information.

  4. Great idea! I had the same question about measurements. Appears the large rectangle is closer to 28 1/2 X 18. Is that correct?

  5. The size in the photo is not real. I had to trim the rectangle in the end because it was too big. Use the size given in the tutorial, 18 1/2 x 12, unless you want a larger beanbag.

  6. I love this design and really wanted to make this! Started it tonight exactly as written and have to agree with others that the large rectangle is too small. The wide end of the cardboard template is over 6 inches and doesn’t fit into the 12 inch (minus seam allowance which wasn’t specified, I used about 3/8 inch, perhaps it is supposed to be smaller?) side of the sleeve. I also could not fit the flower on to the back without it hanging on the counter because the square that is created is much smaller than that pictured. Perhaps I was supposed to fold this on the 18 1/2 inch side but it is very hard to tell from the picture because the piece you used doesn’t look like the size specified. This was going to be a gift but isn’t now. I think the tutorial photos are lovely. It’s a great idea. It needs some tweaking: the flower instructions are rather vague and incomplete with regard to the longer strip which I think is supposed to be folded in half but that isn’t stated, it’s unclear which way to fold the fabric to seam it and there is definitely an issue with the rectangle measurements!

  7. I was able to rip it apart and start over, folding it this time on the 18.5 inch side…Much better! Now I’m trying to decide where to place the cardboard piece–all the way to the squared end of the back or just in the middle? It still seems a bit small to me. I may try it again using different dimensions but thanks for a beautiful design.

  8. Sorry about that Kristen. I should add a disclaimer “make at your own risk”. You probably folded it on the wrong side. It should be folded in the widest side. I did trim the bag after filling it because I had too much fabric left to make the wedge but the width is 18 inches.

  9. I finally had a chance to make one of these. Instructions were easy to follow. Used the size listed for the rectangle and it worked perfectly! Thank you!

  10. I like it a lot. Having difficulty figuring out the exact size the cardboard should be. Could you post a measurement?

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, it is such a great idea and will be perfect to sit on my lap while I watch TV and surf pinterest. I so admire people who are able to design things like this. I made one last night. I folded it wrong the first time and had to rip it apart. What worked for me was to take one of the 12 inch sides and match that with the other 12 inch side so the folded rectangle was 12 x 9 1/4. The cardboard template would be more helpful if it had measurements. I printed it twice and it came out different sizes both times. What worked for me was 6″ across the top, 8 3/4″ across the bottom and 4 1/4″ high. Don’t know if that is what was intended but it worked out for me.

    Thanks again!

  12. Just finished one. Faaaabulous! Exactly what I needed. I thought you explained (or clarified) your measurement well. Thank your cleverness and time.

  13. Thank you Kate. And thank you for the etsy suggestion. I should give it a try. Will need to think about it.

  14. Thanks for the tutorial, I will be making this soon. I was just wondering about the stone/weight bit. For those of you that made this did you use any type of weight? If you didn’t, did it work out ok? I guess I’ll try to think of what I could put in it to stabilize it. Any idea how heavy this weight should be? Thanks.

  15. Hi Debbie. Use a medium size stone. It doesn´t need to be very heavy, just enough to stop the stand to be knocked over easily. About 200 or 250 grams.

  16. It may be ok without the weight I guess. I thought of using a weight because the filling is very light and some weight would help in making the stand more stable.

  17. Thank you very much for the quick response! It does make sense if you use polyfill to add extra weight in there but I am thinking of using rice of maybe beans so maybe I dont need anything additional for stabilization.

  18. Sandra, I thought of making one one day. You can adjust the ipad one by making it smaller. You need to work out how much smaller the iphone is and do the math. For instance, is it half the size? One third? and adjust accordingly.

  19. I was looking for something like this to have at work for my iphone. I know there are tons of stands for sale online but I want to make my own!! My estimation is that the iphone is about 1/6 the size of the ipad or about 20%. I will let you know if it works when I try it.

  20. Rather than a rock for weight, look into Teddy Bear making supplies. I have used glass beads made for stuffing bears. If I remember correctly, there are other options.

  21. This is just great, Teresa. With more and more friends acquiring iPads, these will make perfect gifts for them. Thanks for posting the tutorial – I learned about it from The Quilt Show Blog in case you wondered.

  22. Gwen, I don’t know for the iPad mini but you can maybe try wit a 20% or 30% smaller rectangle.

  23. I was thinking the same thing on the filling–what do they use in those neck support pillows they sell at the ariport-I’m thinking that would work great!

  24. Love the stand. I am going to do it this a.m. for a fun thing and then show it off at our guild. Just love the ingenuity.Good for you.

  25. Just finished making this finally, thank you so much for the tutorial!! I did use beans instead of a rock and put fiberfill to fill up the top. The only other change I made was sew a second row of stitch 1/2″ after the one that held in the beans and fiberfill to give more of a space for the iPad to sit. I have a case on mine so I think the extra space made it fit better. Thanks again, I’m loving it so far and can’t wait to use it tonight when I’m reading in bed.

  26. I think this is a great idea and I am looking forward to making it as a gift for my sister and my friend.

  27. j’ai réalisé quelque chose de similaire mais à base d’un berlingot, mais je vais testé votre modèle,, merci pour ce tuto

  28. Ce n’est pas trop different d’un berlingot, c’est vrai. Et ca marche bien le votre?

  29. Just loved making this ipad stand and have made 6 as presents already. Used brick fabric and stitched graffiti on it for my son! Thank you for sharing design.

  30. Wow!!!! Just wow. If I can do it anyone can, had to rip the seams once cause I didn’t follow the pictures and put the wrong side up. Figured it out though. So THANK YOU SO MUCH. Made the first one for my Hubby.

  31. Just put together two of these and love how they look! One question I have is whether the cardboard dimensions are accurate – it would seem like they should be 4 1/4″ wide at top, 6″ on the sides, and 8 3/4″ on the bottom. Using your measurements I could only have the front half of both of mine with the cardboard support on the bottom.

  32. I have just found your blog and started to follow with the charm tote. Now I will be making one of these for my PlayBook and three others for galaxy note 2 phone, galaxy tablet and iPad mini.

    Have just realised that they will make great wedding presents so, 2 more for an iPad and iPad mini!

  33. would you happen to know the name of that fabric you used for the body? Really cool – Love it!

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  35. Wonderful., I often use my Ipad while watching TV at night in my bedroom. My husband usually has something on, that I’m not interested in. So hence the ipad in the bedroom. I have trouble keeping it from slipping off a pillow or something. This looks perfect. thanks for the directions.

  36. I just made one today! The only thing I did differently was I made a small bean bag filled with rice for the weight. I had so much trouble trying to sew the bag shut and keep everything in the right place. Any tips? I’d love to make another one but I need to go in with better sew me shut instructions lol. Thanks!

  37. So cute! I’m grateful there are talented and crafty people like you to help a completely uncrafty person like me!

  38. Just made my own and extremely happy! Wanted to say thanks and let you know how good this was! Brought lots of different fabrics and making Christmas presents! Thanks again!

  39. Absolutely fabulous! Thank you. I filled a small bag with ceramic pie weights and put that in on the cardboard. It works a charm. Thank you for sharing.

  40. I used a sheet of stiff plastic – cut from a $1 place mat instead of cardboard.Makes the whole thing washable. Thanks for great pattern

  41. I made it today! I got mixed up the first time, and made the first fold incorrectly, but soon realized it wouldn’t be long enough for my Ipad to fit/rest against it. I cut the template out of a warped cutting mat, which added great stability. I love the little touch of whimsy with the flower. Didn’t have a big enough button to cover the center hole, so tacked the flower down, tacked the midpoint of a ribbon to the holder and tied the ribbon through a silver western concho that I had leftover from another project. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. Barb

  42. Hello,

    I made one just now. I made one for my iPod. I misfolded the large rectangle so I have one just perfect for the iPod. I will try and send a picture.

    PCPAT, the Netherlands

  43. Thank you for showing me the picture. It really looks very well done and I really like your choice of fabrics and buttons.

  44. I am wondering if this would work as a book stand for me?? I read in bed at night with a book on my chest area. Do you think that I could use this to prop up my book and use it as almost a handsfree reading device? Just wondering if you or any of your followers have done this?

  45. I tried with a thin book and it’s fine. For thick books it may be better if you left a space between the bottom sausage and the other bit by stitching next to the sausage and then one inch further from the sausage. I’m not sure this is clear.

  46. Thank you so much… I, too, folded it the wrong way.. but once I fixed this , all went well.. Hope my granddaughter loves it as much as i do…

  47. I may be being thick here (most probably!), but how on earth do you get the polyfill inside without it spilling out everywhere? I have tried and ended up with a floor full of little foam balls! The stone to hold the cardboard in place doesn’t seem to work, either – help!

  48. Hi Jenny, I use the fiber type of polyfill. Batting scraps will work as well, but if you want to use beads try stitching across most of the opening leaving enough space to place in a funnel and fill it in through the funnel. If you don´t want use a stone you can use some rice instead like half half. The weight can be anything that will provide some stability to the bag because the filling is usually very light. I hope the suggestions help.

  49. Hi. I haven’t made this yet but have just the fabric for it. Just wanted to add a hint that plastic canvas makes a good firm stabilizer that won’t break down like cardboard might in time. I use it a lot for the bottom of handbags (purses, pocketbooks). You just have to be sure to trim the pieces well so the edges are smooth.

  50. Hi Teresa. Plastic canvas isn’t meant for a stabilizer. It is for its own craft. Something like crossstitch but on a slightly flexible, though firm plastic instead of crosstitch canvas or linen. The holes make it breathable (even washable) while giving a firmness to your project. It is cheap and any hobby place should carry it.

  51. Thanks for explaining. I’ll see if I can find it for another project I have where I need some sturdy plastic or something

  52. Thanks a lot for the tutorial, I made one which turned out great thanks to your clear instructions! I posted some pictures of it on my blog and linked back to your tutorial. Again: merci and greetings from France :-)

  53. 6 done and 3 in the making. Foam board works good for the cardboard. I hand basted along the cardboard edge and then use my zipper foot for sewing. JUDY

  54. I made one today but i wasn’t making mine for an i pad.I do a lot of cross stitching,and usually put my magnetic board that holds my chart on one of those metal easels.Problem with that was it’s slippery so keeps falling off the arm of my recliner.So i changed the measurements using my magnetic board as a guide to make mine.I filled it with the stuffing,and for the pillow part i used unpopped popcorn,Sewed it most of the way up and just left a small opening to fit a funnel so i could fill it,then sewed the rest by hand.It’s not perfect,but it works.

    I got confused on where that cardboard would end up,is it supposed to go up the back,or is it part of what i call the seat,the part that sits on the chair arm.So i just winged it.

    Thanks for the tutorial.

    PS i also used my zipper foot.

  55. Thank you Teresa for this tutorial I LOVE it I just have one question do I have to make the flower it is just because I have to make six of these for my cousins as a Secret Santa and I don’t have time. Thank you again for this tutorial you have really inspired me to start sewing and crafting more as I do have a sewing machine that I have gotten as a present but never used but this tutorial has really helped use it.

  56. I have made so many of these in out of leftover fabrics from other projects. I have made a few for a 7″ tablet and other various size smartphones. I have made them with all kinds of fabric, too (denim being my favorite!). PLUS, due to running out of fabric, I turned your daisy into a butterfly by cutting the longer petal the same size as the other three, then sewing them together end to end in the same way as you did, (petals now become wings!) and then used my hot glue gun to add some bling-y jewels or pearls to make the butterfly “body” down the center then trimmed a tad off the bottom two “wings” so that the top two petal/wings were a tad bigger than the bottom two. I hot glued it on to the back of the stand. Too lazy to sew! On the ones I made using the daisy, I have hot glued bling-y jewels to the center of the daisy to give it a little extra pizzazz! I love this tutorial of yours. Thanks for sharing!

  57. I have made several from your tutorial. I put polyfil in mine with no cardboard or weights and works fine. I did put polyfil in one and along the bottom strip I put rice which was successful. I washed this one in the washing machine and came out like new, very pleased. Thank you for your tutorial

  58. Thanks for that Carole. I haven´t washed any bags yet but I will given that they come out well.

  59. Teresa, I have been a teacher and there is a percent that never read all the instructions. Yours are awesome. These are going to be great Christmas presents. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern and time. Best to you always, Jessica

  60. Thank you Jessica. I´m happy you´re able to follow the instructions easily. I try to do my best!

  61. A friend of mine got together to make this stand to celebrate our birthdays yesterday and we couldn’t figure it out. The photo shows the long rectangle folded and then part of the flower, but no instructions to do it and do you leave the raw edges on the rectangle? I folded along the 18″ said as per instructions and I ended up with a long tube that doesn’t look like yours. Why would I need that much fabric?The cardboard doesn’t fit. Even trimming it down I wasn’t sure where the cardboard was supposed to go into the tube? On the bottom front? Pushed all the way into the back near the flower? Standing up at the rear? How much do you stuff the tube? Do you stuff the triangle tip? No measurements were given as to the amount of fabric left in front that you sew. After this part is stitched and you fold the fabric left, is there a measurement of what this should measure?

    After reading a few comments, some others were as confused as me, yet some managed to figure it out. I suppose it would have been easier to figure out if I had been given more measurements and instructions. I think it looks great and I was so excited to make one, but without more information it’s not going to happen. I really appreciate you took the time to create a free tutorial. I know how much time it takes, but sometimes it’s hard to explain things to everyone as what’s in your head doesn’t always come out in the explanation. Also lack of measurements or other information can make it hard to follow the pattern. If you do ever sell your patterns please have them tested by at least 6 people, preferably more and get feedback from them because a pattern that cannot be followed by everyone and is confusing won’t yield you sales. I test patterns for several bag designers and I know the testers makes all the difference in selling their patterns.

    I am only trying to inform and help, please don’t take this as a negative. It’s hard to read some people’s tone in an email or a comment. We blog to inspire and help others, don’t we?

  62. Thank you Daryl for taking the time to comment on my tutorial. I’m sorry you had trouble with this one. I’m not sure where you went wrong. The sizing is correct. Could I have used less fabric? Maybe but this is the way I designed it. I have made two more stands, one for an iPad mini and another one which is very much like this one (I followed my own tutorial!) but using charm squares. You can have a look at those tutorials if you like. Thank you for the sales advice.

  63. This is very well documented with photos and I will be able to figure this out! Thanks! I am going to make a couple of these. My guild is doing a pillow exchange and one of the precepts of modern quilt movement is usability. This fits the bill! The flower decoration is so pretty too.

  64. Just made my first one and despite thinking it would be too small, it’s perfect. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I’m about to go into full scale production for Christmas. All the family are getting one of these this year.

  65. It’s Christmas Eve and my 12yr old daughter and I just made one of these for her Nanna to open tomorrow on Christmas Day! It was a very last minute decision to make it, as we only just realised Nanna was one present short! It’s such an easy thing to make and very good for teaching my daugher the basics of machine sewing. After making it, we were thrilled with the results as it works very well (tried on my son’s ipad). I used a sewn bag filled with rice instead of the weight / stone. Thank you so much for posting this Tutorial – I’ve had such a fun Christmas Eve. It’s now wrapped and under the tree! :-)

  66. I made 2 of these. 1 for me and the other is for my niece. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation :-).

  67. Débutante en couture et je viens de le finir pour l offrir à une amie
    Tanks for all the détais everything is very clear

  68. Thank you for this tutorial. Took about 1/2hr to do not perfect, no flower but does the job .

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