Take-along placemat


2 16′ x 10′ cotton fabric pieces
1 16′ x 10′ felt
1 4.5′ x 4.5′ cotton fabric for the pocket
18 ‘ matching ribbon

Fold edges of pocket and top stitch.

Stitch pocket to fabric around bottom and side edges. Then sew 3 small pockets from top to bottom for cutlery.

Place both cotton fabric right sides together and felt on top. Place ribbon folded in half in between the cotton fabrics.

Pin edges.

Stitch all around the fabrics leaving a 3′ opening on one side to turn placemat inside out.

Turn placemat inside out and iron well. Top stitch close to the edge.

Roll placemat before storing away.

Another combination of fabrics.

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39 thoughts on “Take-along placemat

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  3. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments. I didn’t think the post would be so popular!

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  5. I Love this idea! I am going to have our girl scout troop make these. They will be perfect when we go camping and have to use the dirty picnic tables plus it will help the girls keep their silverware accounted for!

  6. I’m thinking these will make great end of the year presents for the teachers. Thank you for the idea!

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  8. This is very great idea..Thanks for sharing it. I guess I’ll make one for my son’s since he’s having his lunch at school now, this will be a handy thing for him.

  9. Made one last nigh from 5″ charms with muslin strips in between and across middle. Used flat cotton batting in the middle and then quilted in the ditch. It turned out sosoososo cute. Am giving it as a gift today when we go on a little- old= lady picnic at the lake. Thanks for the precious idea.

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  15. I am making items to sell. Is it ok to use your pattern to make things for sale? I love the pattern Its a great idea for gifts. I have two special people who will be receiving one from me very soom

  16. Absolutely terrific idea for picnic’s. I made a fanicer one to take to work. Got a lot of comments from people who want me to make them one….Thank you..

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  20. I didn’t realize that we needed something like this for the upcoming school year and I don’t have a sewing machine.

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