Tutorial: Disappearing hourglass variation 1

Video tutorial: Disappearing hourglass variation 1 - quilt block

This is an quick and easy quilt block.

How to make a Disappearing hourglass quilt block

Learn in just over 2 minutes:

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Video tutorial: Kaleidoscope blocks

Video tutorial: Kaleidoscope quilt blocks

This block gives an impression of curves but all blocks have straight lines. This kaleidoscope block is quick and easy to make and it makes great quilts.

I chose to make this block with paper piecing because it has many points and it’s easier to sew accurately with this technique.

Download template

Print the template twice for 1 block. Alternate the colours to make 2 different blocks.

Learn to make a kaleidoscope block in just over 2 minutes

Video tutorial: Add a smocking touch to your quilting

Video tutorial: Add a smocking touch to your quilts - 4 types of smocking you can learn in minutes

I love texture in quilts.

This is a compilation of 4 different fabric manipulations I have used in my quilts. They are all a type of smocking and they are easy to make in every instance.

You can see smocking on my textured quilt and get all the tutorials for free:

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